The ancestry of our line is predominantly English, which is where the breed originated ages ago. Our goal has been to continue this historical line, through careful planning and selection. There is a familial resemblance in Greiner Hall Mastiffs due to our commitment to consistent linebreeding.
 Our mastiffs have outstanding temperaments and strongly built structures. They resemble the Old English Mastiff in type--deep and wide bodies; square, wrinkled heads; sturdy bone. Our girls generally average 150-170 pounds and 27-29 inches. Our males usually range from 180-220 pounds and 29-32 inches. There are always deviations from these averages, but these figures represent our ideals. A mastiff should not be too tall, or correct proportions will be lost. Height should always come from depth of body, rather than length of leg.
 Our mastiffs are raised with children and are very well socialized. Socialization is very important with this breed, for they tend to want to be "home bodies." A well-rounded adult mastiff is one who prefers his own people, but will accept any situation without fear or intimidation.
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